Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer = More Posts including Banana Cinnamon Muffins

So my first new cooking post was inspired by my brother who was baking banana bread. Being the older sister, I wanted to make sure that I stepped up my game and made something better. Well, it sounded good in theory, but it practice something went way wrong and these babies were more difficult then the lady in the cookbook said they would be.

  I picked up this new cookbook from the library and gave the banana and cinnamon muffins on page 77 a whirl. The cookbook overall is okay. Her idea of everyday cooking and recipes that will make you a skinny bitch do not agree with everything that I know about cooking. But, I don't have a cookbook, so she wins. 

In the end, they used way too many dishes for my liking, they were undercooked and gummy inside and they were super sweet.
    Oh, well. Next time I'll just ask my brother for his banana bread recipe!

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