Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chocolate Chips Cookies and

Whenever I'm looking for a quick and easy recipe, or have no idea to start and a few ingredients I go to It is an amazing database created by all kinds of vegan amateur chefs and non-chefs out there. You can search by recipe or ingredient and when you've made it you can leave feedback and photos for others to read and see. They have all kinds of recipes on this website and they aren't always that complex, I-need-14-other-ingredients-from-the-store-before-I-start recipes that you often find in cookbooks. They also have a feature that let's you sign in and save recipes, sign up for coupons and post on related forums.

This recipe comes from the friendly people at Vegweb, in particular Denise who posted this recipe. Hooray for Happy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies! I modified it a bit based on the feedback that people were leaving. One substitute I made was to use margarine instead of oil. (Oily cookies are nasty!) and then added additional cinnamon and vanilla. I also used ground flax seed as the egg substitute.
They were devoured! My husband breaks into an enormous grin after taking this first bite. Make some! You deserve a cookie!


  1. Love, the Blog - but keep that Garlic chopper for when your hands get old, gnarled and hurt by arthritis which makes chopping painful - that's when using the little rolling ball is easy and saves your hands additional pain.

  2. thanks for the website! i had never heard of it. ;) i think oily cookies are gross too! i make them too often. it's like i forget that 1 cup of oil is too much. :)