Saturday, August 7, 2010


After finding some delicious double sour dough bread at our local bread outlet, we decided that reubens were for dinner. We've been hearing about using pickling spice to season the tempeh, and at the next stop (our local farmer's market) viola! pickling spice for 79 cents a pound.

I found some neat websites promoting vegan reuben recipes and even one guy who's entire blog is about vegan reubens in Portland! (Check it out! ) Eventually, I settled on the recipe from Where's the Revolution?'s blog (here!)

Slice a little tempeh..... Make it good and thin!
Throw a marinade of some soy sauce, water and the pickling spice over top of the tempeh. I used 1 part soy, 2 parts water and about 3-4 tablespoons spice to cover a whole package of tempeh. You want it to look like there's too much marinade because it's going to cook away. Next, bake the marinated tempeh for about 25 minutes covered and then another 20 minutes uncovered. It will look like the below photo when it is done. You want the marinade to be absorbed and gone!
I made a simple sauce of ketchup, Veganaise, chopped up dill pickles and some lemon juice. Do this by taste. You might like more pickles than me, or a brighter, more tomatoe-y sauce. But the rule of thumb is a nice pink color with the lemon juice to accent and the pickles to be present. You could probably use relish as well, but I don't care for the sweet taste it imparts in certain dishes.

Assemble your sandwiches!
-Sourdough bread-
-Warmed Saurkraut-
(I like to put a sliced tomato here, but that's up to you!)
-Sourdough bread-

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